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Automated Industrial Systems

Ionic Engineering is a turnkey supplier of automation systems and an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Whether for a retrofit of existing plant equipment or a green field installation, Ionic can take your vision and deliver a solid, cost effective solution that meets the most demanding schedule requirements.

The Ionic Advantage

Ionic is a registered Professional Engineering Consultant providing electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, controls and civil/structural engineering consulting and project management services to industry.

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We offer consulting, automation and various products to create a customized solution to your complex problems.

Customized For Your Needs

Ionic will develop a customized an Automated Industrial System to suit any application.

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We’ve been engineering and supplying custom equipment with over 1200 projects since 1999.

Solutions for Complex Problems

Ionic is a turnkey supplier of automated systems and an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

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95 Mumford Road, Lively, Ontario, Canada P3Y 1L1